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VOIP only services are now available for sole trading companies or businesses that dont need any extra features. We are happy to introduce the VOIP only package for R89 per month ( with 60 minutes free pm) . Calls are charged at 69c per minute across all  cellular networks. Ideal for businesses if you cannot get a telkom landline . With this VOIP  service you can move anytime without affecting your landline service ( provided on your internet coverage )

So what do you need to qualify to get this service?

  • Firstly you will need a VOIP phone like a Yealink phone, or a mobile app , get a quote from us. See our range here.
  • Secondly You will require an LTE/FIBER with an available LAN port.You can use your own data services. Our prices.
  • You can apply online with your RICA docs( ID and proof of address)
  • First month payment and the number will be active within a few hours.
  • 69c per minute for calls in SA .
  • No set up fees , can be set up remotely within a few minutes. Call out fees can be charged.
  • Port your number to us for R150 once off. No 0861 and 087 numbers are allowed to port at this time
  • Automated payments only like debit order, credit/debit card or PayPal only.
  • Must connect to a VOIP phone or mobile app ( recommended app is once off R114 from the playstore)

Potential new clients prefer calling a landline as it offers a sense of security and trust instead of an advertised cell number. It just looks more professional and now you don’t have to break the bank to get this service. We do offer other packages suited to your company needs like a mobile landline and multi user Virtual PBX.

Let us help you understand the   product we have by answering the most common questions we get asked regularly:

What is VOIP?

The true definition is Voice over Internet Protocol . You can run a landline phone number using just the internet and internet related device like a mobile app or a desktop phone.

VOIP Phone or VOIP Phone South Africa:

A desktop phone that does not use a copper cable for connection but instead uses a LAN cable and connects to your router . All calls are then carried over internet.

VOIP South Africa:

We are fully committed  provider in SOUTH AFRICA, keeping the  product as a local supplier enabling local communities and economies.

VOIP Meaning or VOIP definition:

Voice over Internet Protocol is the direct translation.


We do use a mobile app that will enable you to receive calls for free and make paid outgoing calls from your cellphone that will show as the landline number.

How does it work ?

Once you have purchased a Yealink phone you can simply plug it in the router , we will then send you usernames and passwords to enter so it syncs with your unique landline number. We can even set it up remotely so no need for a call out. You can then immediately start to use the phone to make and receive calls. All incoming calls are free unlimited but outgoing calls are charged for.

Who would need this product?

A small business where one or two employees can share a desktop phone. It is also suitable as a VOIP home phone or home based business.

Why is this product cheaper than other listed services ?

This service has no extra features that you will get with a PBX , its just a simple ring to the phone where you can answer professionally. Products from Telkom are generally more expensive as well because of the copper cable infrastructure whereas VOIP telkom would be cheaper.

OUR PRODUCT as VOIP Provider South Africa:

Click on our page to see how much it all costs https://www.virtualnumber.co.za/voip/

Speak to us as well about personalized emails from Only R45 per month and R100 per annum fee for domain on www.starcom.co.za

Get in touch with one of our consultants now if you need more details , you can call us telephonic or via Whats App on  0115682555. You can also send us a message via whats app or email on info@virtualnumber.co.za.

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