Get your landline number on your cell phone and never miss a call.


A Virtual Number advantage will get potential new clients  to call you on a landline when responding to your advert . It gives the client a sense of trust and sustainability of the company.

Never worry about getting an office or a receptionist , you can answer all your calls on the go !


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Check out our options of Virtual Number with telephonic solutions that will suit your business needs.

We offer most area codes for South Africa and can be used either as mobile landline or office virtual landline option. Don’t see your area code ? No stress , click here to view the full offering on South African dialling codes.



VOIP - Now only R89pm

This service is great for small companies that work out of an office or home environment. These numbers works best with a data connection and VOIP phone or Mobile APP. Includes 60 minutes free pm to make calls in South Africa

mobile landline on my cellphone south africa

Mobile Landline Number for only R149pm

A Virtual number or mobile landline is ideal for clients that are mobile Order now and get 80 minutes free per month. You can advertise your business with a landline.

telkom virtual landline

Office Landline Number R249pm

This Virtual Number system is great for office use , you can connect as many users as you need. The Virtual Number functionality comes with a full switchboard system and is included in the price from R249 PM

0861 Numbers

0861 Numbers

This service is great for corporate companies that want to advertise as a national presence. Single user only offers incoming call facility either to a mobile phone or VOIP destination , we can offer you and outgoing number all inclusive .   Multi User has outgoing calls added , multiple users and FULL PBX functionality for R499pm

0800 Toll Free Numbers

0800 Toll Free Numbers

This service is great for corporate companies that want to give their clients the opportunity of free calls. These numbers works best in a call center environment and also needs data connectivity to carry the calls.

All for the low price of R499 PM with 300 incoming calls and all the feature of a VirtualPBX

IP Phone

An Ip Phone is another word for VOIP Phone. They are both used over the internet with a landline number service. You simply activate a VOIP service , connect your Ip Phone to your router using a LAN cable and port. By simply adding in the device Ip address to your...

Free Virtual Landline

For a limited time only we will offer you a 087 free virtual landline , while you are a STARCOM client , whether you take a VPN or domain and hosting account. The minimum spend is R19 per month . You will have to pay for the domain and hosting upfront for a year. You...


PBX So what does PBX mean exactly ? The direct meaning for the abbreviation for PBX is Private branch exchange. This allows calls to to e transferred via a VOIP system from user to user within a company. The landline with copper cable is outdated and obsolete. All new...


Landlines is still a prominent service in todays world . Not only does it create a sense of trust and security for a prospective client but there are other features and benefits to having landlines in your physical office or remote office. You only advertise one...

Landline phone

Landline phone Every reputable business needs a landline phone , not only does this make the company look professional and stable , but allows the potential client to have a sense of trust and security when dealing with that company. Although the conventional copper...




Our dedicated teams are here to help and ask that should you require any assistance you contact us.

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Phone:  011 568 2555

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Business Hours: 8am–5pm Mon-Fri

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