Get your landline number on your cell phone and never miss a call.


A Virtual Number advantage will get potential new clients  to call you on a landline when responding to your advert . It gives the client a sense of trust and sustainability of the company.

Never worry about getting an office or a receptionist , you can answer all your calls on the go !


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Check out our options of Virtual Number with telephonic solutions that will suit your business needs.

We offer most area codes for South Africa and can be used either as mobile landline or office virtual landline option. Don’t see your area code ? No stress , click here to view the full offering on South African dialling codes.


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Mobile Landline Number for only R149pm

A Virtual number or mobile landline is ideal for clients that are mobile Order now and get 80 minutes free per month. You can advertise your business with a landline.

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Office Landline Number R359pm

This Virtual Number system is great for office use,includes 5 users , 100 free mins and all the features. Price from R359 PM 

0861 Numbers

0861 Numbers

This service is great for corporate companies that want to advertise as a national presence. Single user only offers incoming call facility either to a mobile phone or VOIP destination , we can offer you and outgoing number all inclusive .   Multi User has outgoing calls added , multiple users and FULL PBX functionality for R499pm

0800 Toll Free Numbers

0800 Toll Free Numbers

This service is great for corporate companies that want to give their clients the opportunity of free calls. Works best in a call center environment using VOIP.

Low price of R499 PM with 300 channels*or get  all the features of a VirtualPBX. Speak to us about the best solution for your requirements.

Unlimited VoIP calls South Africa

Unlimited VoIP calls South Africa Having unlimited calls VoIP calls South Africa  for incoming and outgoing will reduce the risk and anxiety of a hefty bill . Now you pay one monthly fee making it easier for you to budget your expenses. You will also never...

Telkom Landline

Telkom Landline Although Telkom is the incumbent landline provider for South Africa , there are now may Service providers that are now offering the same services at competitive rates . Traditionally Telkom would offer copper cabled landlines which were slow and prone...

VoIP is

VoIP is VoIP is the future of landline phones . It is easy to see say this as it is now more economical , convenient and efficient. VoIP is technology using the internet for traffic as opposed to old copper cable scenario which were literally did not have efficiency ,...

Phone company Your Go-To Phone Company for Virtual Numbers When it comes to choosing a reliable phone company for VirtualNumber in South Africa, stands out as the top choice. With a track record of excellence and a commitment to customer...

Toll Free Number

A toll free number in South Africa is an 0800 number. This number allows callers to call that number and not pay for the call. Governments and large institutions like the idea of this number as their callers maybe on hold for a little longer than usual as well as...




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