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VoIP Phone and how we can help you:

Our IP Phone System can be used in a single user format or multi user format, which all depends on your needs and how many extensions( users ) you require. Single user VoIP Phone System starts from R89 pm and does have free airtime as well is ideal for the client that is home based an individual working in an office environment . All you need is a VoIP phone which you can purchase from us , starting at R1099 ex VAT which can be set up remotely .

You can view all our VoIP Phones – Specs and prices are available for your perusal:

A multi user IP Phone System starting from R249 per month will have 5 extensions and channels( lines used for calling)  with added features , this system can have as many users as you require at an extra cost of R50 per user , over and above the R249. You can be office based or mobile. You can have extra features like welcome message or Auto attendant like press one for sales , press two for accounts ETC . We do use an automated voice , alternatively you can use a a professional voice recording at your own expense. To check out the phones , click here 

Why get an VoIP phone?

The Idea of An IP Phone System is that calls are cheaper and less fixed than your normal copper landline set up which is fixed and very difficult to move from one area to another. VoIP allows you the freedom to pick up and go to the new offices . VoIP calls are also generally cheaper than most fixed landline providers so saving you money is also just as important.Call quality is always dependent on the strength of data that it is connected to . We have clients that are connected via LTE with clear calls . There are no delays or echoes . So give us a call today and lets see how we can save you . We can also port numbers so don’t worry about losing your current number. 0861 and 087 numbers are not portable at the moment .

VoIP phones and hosting:

We also offer hosting ( personalised emails from R19 per month ) with a yearly domain fee of R79 . Lets make your company  communication as effective as possible without breaking the bank .

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