A toll free number in South Africa is an 0800 number. This number allows callers to call that number and not pay for the call. Governments and large institutions like the idea of this number as their callers maybe on hold for a little longer than usual as well as targeting the lower oncome groups , who may not afford to hold longer than normal. A Toll free Number is a really good selling point to new and existing clients.

Calls are charged at 69c per minute with us for all incoming calls , this is designed as the call is not charged to your caller/client. The system is charged at R499 per month and comes with 5 user configuration ( with the option to add more on) as well as all the features of a full Cloud PBX. it also comes with the same amount of channels as users.

If you already have a PBX system with a cloud or Ip address destination we can simply forward all calls to the existing set up. You would just pay for the number and not the PBX . This would be at R299 per month. We would need to obtain your SIP address/Ip address and you will also need to ensure that your current SP will allow for Sip forwarding to their current system.

You can simply order it online and have the number available to you in a few hours, you may even manage the number your self with a Cloud PBX.

There is also some confusion woth some national numbers and toll free numbers and all are different in costing a functionality.

0800 numbers are toll free – Your caller doesnt pay for the outbound call to the number. As the owner of the number you pay for all incoming calls

0861 Numbers are national numbers that is a maxi call. Your caller pays the full price of the call as a national landline call rate.

0860 numbers is a shared call , where the call for the incoming call is shared with the owner and the caller.

Please bear in mind that these are standard call prices and do not include any additional call forwarding calls costs.

To get more info : https://www.virtualnumber.co.za/0800-numbers-south-africa/

International Numbers available