VOIP Provider definition is Voice over Internet Protocol , which really means landline calls made over the internet as opposed to the traditional copper cables which were expensive to maintain due to theft and copper pricing. VOIP has definitely replaced the old copper cable telephone lines as there are so many advantages now of getting VOIP :

The one of the biggest business killer a short time ago is stolen cables . The provider was also taking weeks sometimes months to replace the cables , and in the interim your number and company would not be answering calls. That would definitely impact your sales. There are now cases where Telkom is not replacing the cables leaving you stranded looking for a new provider after months of waiting. This was essentially good news for VOIP provider

VOIP and VOIP Provider definitely has changed the the way companies can pick up and go to another office in the same area or even an area that’s further away like another province or country. In the past it wasn’t even possible to move your number a block away , making you stay in the same premises or change numbers which was dire to business consistency.

The VOIP providers competitiveness in the industry has definitely plummeted the call rates due to the competitiveness of having more  VOIP providers competing. Rates that were R1-50 have now decreased to an industry norm of an average of 49c per minute. These little savings are so important to small business.

With the pandemic of Corona in 2020 it was so important to work remotely , The VOIP industry has definitely played a major part in business being able to operate from home or being mobile. Business that were able to operate remotely, and obviously industry dependant , were able to still keep trading even if it was at a lower turnover percentage. This also has led to an upturn of eCommerce sites popping up . You can now have multiple  people working in a company at all different locations, this will most certainly impact the office rental business saving business thousands in profit every month.

Our packages start from R89pm and we give you 60 minutes free as well , download an app and your number is up and running in the shortest possible time. Our multi user with all the features is R319 per month with 100 free minutes per month. Getting a landline for your business really hasn’t been easier. Order now

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