Why does a company need a Virtual Landline South Africa?

Virtual Landline South Africa

I advertised a cell number for my business and its not ringing . WHY ??

Any potential customer that sees your advert will first look at your email address or phone number. Any GMail or Hotmail accounts accompanied by a cell number are more likely to be disregarded from your potential client . The perception is that the business is not well established , has poor infrastructure and even possibly a  “fly by night” . This is why you need a Virtual Landline South Africa to help you.

Not only is this disheartening to a business owner but all that money wasted on adverts . Unless you are one of the lucky smaller businesses that have a larger budget this may or may not affect . However all startups on a lower capital budget will have a harder time in succeeding .

Now what makes us different to a standard telephone ? Our virtual landline can facilitate a welcome message greeting that doesn’t just have boring ring ring that sounds like its running from someones home . In addition you get a full switchboard system and all its functionsYou also get two incoming simultaneous calls.

This is why we have designed the startup package for all SME’s for only R194 per month you can get:

  • Five personalised email accounts with your domain ( john@abc.co.za for example)
  • A Virtual landline number like with a local dialling code
  • 80 minutes free per month with your virtual landline South Africa, Single user only
  • A full self managed switchboard system
  • Free automated welcome message greeting your clients.

Give your company the best start with this starter package, and impress your clients from day one . 99% of the time you only have one chance to impress before your clients have moved onto your competitor.

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