Mobile Landline South Africa

Mobile Landline is a product where you can advertise your business landline number and get all your landline on your cell phone. Most small business prefer a mobile landline number because it creates a sense of trust and stability of their company. Why not just get a regular telephone then you ask . A good way of small business saving money is by avoiding costs of staff and office space just to get a landline . This system actually allows you to have multiple people stationed in multiple locations.

A Virtual Landline or Virtual Number will also get you a full switchboard system and functions like call recordings , time routing and transferring of calls to colleagues from your cellphone. Its just like having an office telephone system except from cellphone while you are mobile . While some companies may offer you a mobile landline phone , we don’t, as we can route all calls to your current cellphone . The quality of calls is the same as cell phone to cellphone and is crystal clear. All feature rich based systems are in the multi user.

If you do work in a WIFI environment, you can download out mobile app and receive all landline calls for free. You can also make landline calls from the app so impressing your clients by calling them from you Mobile landline number . We know how hard it is fro small business to thrive in a difficult economic environment so we have decided to add in an extra 80 minutes free per month on the original price of R149 pm . These free minutes can be used for incoming or outgoing calls. The free minutes can be found on the single user option.

Landline on your cell while you on the go and most of your potential new clients will think you have an office , enabling you to cut out costs. This is a major cost saving factor for Small Business.

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