Landlines is still a prominent service in todays world . Not only does it create a sense of trust and security for a prospective client but there are other features and benefits to having landlines in your physical office or remote office. You only advertise one number instead of three different cell phone numbers , which number should the client call? What happens when that employee leaves and worst of all goes to your competition , you are still advertising their cell on new and old media , you are indirectly advertising for the opposition. Having a managed landlines system helps with all of the above. No matter what you are always in control of the system and who can receive and make calls.

Imagine advertising your cell number , you could possibly get calls at 4am . How disruptive can this be to your personal life . How would this differ to a landlines setup ? Well we have a time routing facility that can your calls directed to the relevant destination according to the time of the day or evening and weekend . Calls to an emergency cell , voicemail to email and even a message advising clients of the hours for the company.

The features to having landlines is most commonly used with a welcome message or an auto attendant . This helps redirect the call without the use of a receptionist. We create for all our clients an automated welcome message with auto attendant for free. You don’t have to employ a receptionist just to answer phones , saving you time and money in the process. Transfer of calls is also important , if your colleague misses a call and it fails over to you then you can answer and when your colleague is available again you can transfer it . Always answering a call and never letting a potential client go.

Working with landlines and an effective system would essentially allow you and your staff to work remotely or even mobile without an office . The bigger you grow the bigger the need not to advertise multiple numbers on a website , pamphlet or business card .

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