As a small business starting out , the best service to get is a landline to Cellphone product saving you rental space, internet and staff which could easily amount to thousands every month. We can save you but just getting your landline to mobile and answering calls on the go. One of the biggest attractions for a business is to have a landline number as it looks more stable and trustworthy.

We have two options :

Single user which is used for one destination only but comes with free minutes every month that you can use to make and receive calls. You can easily order online.

R149pm gets 80 minutes free per month

R199 gets 200 minutes free per month

R249 get 300 minutes free per month.

R529 gets 1000 minutes free per month.

The multi user can also be used from landline to cellphone at R249pm ( for local prefix ) and comes with all the features of a business telephone system. You can get call recordings , transfer of calls ( and yes mobile to mobile) welcome message and more . You can view all the features and how to self manage your account. You can order the multi user in three easy steps.

So how does the landline to mobile service work ?

We can either divert your landline to cellphone of your choice , but when you do , you will land up paying for incoming calls,on the single user you can utilize the free minutes allocated to you . The advantage of this that the call quality when moving around is that you get better quality ( normal Cellphone call) . Alternatively we can download a highly recommended mobile app ( not free) and you can receive your calls for free, unlimited. incoming but call quality can depend on the data connection , highly recommended to be in a stable WIFI environment as opposed to a mobile data connection ESPECIALLY whilst driving or walking . Mobile data is not stable at all. With the mobile app you can also make outgoing calls as your landline number from anywhere in the world.

The freedom of having a landline to Cellphone service is so that you can easily be anywhere in the country or any other country with your 011 number. This gives you so much more freedom to run your business effectively.

Once you have ordered we can have your number ready within a few hours. So don’t delay and get your number with us now.

Let us help you understand the   product we have by answering the most common questions we get asked regularly:

Landline number for mobile and how does it affect my cell?

You will receive all calls – landline to cellphone as a normal call. It wont affect your cellphone number or airtime in anyway. When you dial out normally from your cell your cellphone number will appear . Should you need to make the landline appear you will need the mobile app to make outgoing calls.

Do i get a Mobile Landline Phone to carry ?

As many of our competitors will have actual instruments but they are limited especially when mobile as well as restricted to certain areas as well . We simply divert to a cell and you carry one handset. Your cellphone can be used anywhere in the world.

Telkom landline to Telkom mobile rates and which is cheaper?

The main telecoms operator TELKOM will charge around R1.20 per minute to divert calls to a cell , you will also need a physical device plugged into an office or home , usually for R280 per month. Our rates are 73c per minute.

So how do i add a landline number to my mobile ?

On the single user we can do everything for you. On the multi user you can manage your own system.

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