Landline phone

Every reputable business needs a landline phone , not only does this make the company look professional and stable , but allows the potential client to have a sense of trust and security when dealing with that company.

Although the conventional copper cable infrastructure has now disappeared it is has been successfully been replaced by VOIP. It really is just a landline that is carried over the internet , whether its a broadband infrastructure or simple LTE.

Our landline phone will work by purchasing from our website , when you receive it you can plug it in directly to your router via LAN cable , we will then remotely assist you with details to sync the number and the phone together. You will then be able to start using the number as soon as your landline number is approved , as all numbers have to be RICA’d in South Africa . Our cheapest package is R89 per month and we give you 60 minutes free every month as well . Calls are from 69c per minute. We do have other package with more free minutes so if you need more you can get more :

  • R199 per month with 200 free minutes
  • R249 per month with 300  free minutes
  • We also have unlimited for R349pm

We really do fancy the Yealink brand as we find them most reliable and best quality compared to other devices, and reasonably priced as well you can then be assured of reliability and good quality as the first impression with your client is imperative. Payments are done on the website , we will deliver to your offices. Plug it in and wait for the details to sync , its really that easy.

You can view our phones from the website by clicking on the link :

Domain registration from R79 per year and Hosting from R19 pm. Click here for more

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