A landline mobile phone and a laptop is all you need to run a succesful business with out the constraints of being in an office.  WIFI is found everywhere now from coffee shops to public transport .What are the essential tools to do this you ask ? Every company needs a good website with Google ranking and branded emails, this is probably the most important. Another most important tool is to have a landline mobile phone. This can be used with just the use of any cellphone , we have seen in all the cases where extensive advertising was being made by clients that advertised with a cellphone , was less than those advertising campaings being run with a landline number for mobile. In fact our clients saw up to a 400% increase in some months.

More and more people are now travelling the world while running their company , using the correct tools you can be seeling your services from a beach in BALI or coffee shop in New York . You could have a business partner or staff on the other side of the world and calls can easily be made to each other using our system. Calls can be diverted with a IVR system or auto attendant system that will filtrate the right calls to the right person wherever you are .

Getting a mobile landline for any country is possible with us . We are offering mobile landline South Africa , Europe , Americas and ASIA. And its all cheaper than you think .

So how expensive could it be get landline mobile phone calls . Well its really not expensive at all . At 47c per minute to all destinations you could spend 100 minutes a month and pay R50 . But it is relative to the amount of calls your advertising campaigns so the more you spend advertising the more calls you get and vice versa with less you spend the less calls you get. If you airtime runs out you can simply top up and be in control of your account . If you do have WIFI and mobile app you can receive all your calls for free unlimited. Most of our competitors only have the VOIP options whereas out platform can be used with VOIP and GSM ( cellular phone) giving you the flexibility of choosing which option will work best for you. Get a single user mobile landline number and we will give you free minutes too.

Single user Landline Mobile Phone R199pm with 200 free minutes per month.

Single user Landline Mobile Phone R249pm with 300 free minutes per month.

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