087 Numbers South Africa

As technology plays a bigger part in convenience and cost cutting , we see this with a Virtual Number .

How you ask ?

Well now you can get a landline number and get all your calls on your cellphone or mobile . Our system simply allows call forwarding from landline to a mobile , this eliminating office space and staff just to answer telephones . A simple Virtual Number could be an 087 Numbers or 011, 021 or 031 number depending on which province you require. 087 Numbers South Africa are not affilated to a geographic area and is seen as a national number. The difference between an 087 and 0861 is that you are able to dial out with a 087 number whereas 0861 is not allowed.

A Virtual Phone Number will also create a perception of a company that is stable and that can be trusted and new clients tend to call a landline over a cellphone .

The majority of clients that have signed up have found an increase in sales when using a Virtual Landline , increases have been reported of up to 400%. A particular client was advertising R15000 a month on Google and advertised a cell number, he was getting about 6 calls a week He purchased a Virtual Landline or Virtual Number and he started getting more than 6 calls per day without increasing his budget. he gets to see more clients per day as well as answer calls while he is mobile .

This months crazy special will be get an 087 number for R50 per month Рincludes airtime to the equivalent of 55 minutes, we do offer other packages that allows more free minutes  . You keep that price for as long as you like. How do you order your 087 number South Africa ? Simply click on order form , fill in all your details and attach your FICA docs with first month payment .Get Connected now and get your business to the next level.

R149 per month and get 80 minutes free for a single user.

R199 per month and get 200 minutes free for a single user.

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