Get an 0861 Numbers South Africa for your business.

An 0861 Numbers South Africa is a national number that companies use to advertise as a unified number instead of having multiple numbers in different provinces.You can connect as many users or branches to one number. Transferring calls between users or branches is easy to do . You don’t need to have a landline number to receive calls , and can be diverted to a cellphone . You can keep this number for life and never lose a number due to an office move. Unlike our competitors you do not have to connect a landline number additionally to this number. We save you money because an additional landline can cost you as much as R290 with our competitors. This number can also be used only as an office landline setup . Ask us how..

To order a golden number within the range that is circulating is also possible , you only pay a once off cost and keep the price of R249 per month. Get your 0861 numbers South Africa and have a number for life no matter where you move, that number is your for life.

What you get:

  • 0861 Numbers on VOIP services for only R299pm  with your existing PBX system .
  • Multi User start from R499 per month with full features
  • 2 simultaneous incoming and outgoing channels.( multi only)
  • Includes a full Virtual PBX system at no extra cost.( multi only)
  • Includes an automated welcome message.( multi only)
  • Once off set up fee
  • Can be used only as an incoming call facility.
  • Office landline facility is VOIP desktop phones connected to a WIFI facility.
  • Outgoing calls can made from a local prefix number or 087 ( billed separately)
  • We can also offer a golden number or word number for R499 pm , call us now and find out how.                                                                 61 numbers telkom

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