VoIP is

VoIP is the future of landline phones . It is easy to see say this as it is now more economical , convenient and efficient. VoIP is technology using the internet for traffic as opposed to old copper cable scenario which were literally did not have efficiency , economical and convenience. Most of the time when copper cables are being stolen your business will be out of communication for weeks or months at a time . Lets look at how VOIP can benefit you in the long run.

VoIP is economical : It has dramatically dropped the prices of communication and services simultaneously. Services that dont require hardware are substantially cheaper as compared to services that are stored on the cloud. Using a mobile app on your cellphone is way cheaper than buying a phone , it just requires internet for the call.

VoIP is convenient-  Setting up a new number can be done in a few hours compared to days of traditional setup of days or weeks . You can also pick up your Landline device and move offices immediately . You can also move neighbourhoods or provinces if need be. Just plug and play . No way you can do that with traditional products.

VoIP is efficient – Services have become easier to manage , you can now call forward your calls to a cellphone i cases of power outages and internet disruptions , this can also create remote working and mobile offices for different scenarios.

Although internet is relied upon , services in South Africa have bettered with the arrival of Fiber  and LTE, which has perfected better audio quality on  all calls, this may vary according to internet speeds and latency. Always do a speed test before purchasing a VOIP service. You can see the prices of various offerings for single users or multi users. 

We do offer international numbers too