A Virtual PBX or also known as a business telephone system, from us has never been easier. We dont offer contracts so all our services are prepaid.Make a professional impression to your clients when they call you.FIrst impressions do last , so create a welcome message and make your clients feel welcome .

For only R249pm for a local geographical number  you get all of the following features at no extra cost on your Virtual PBX. 0800 numbers and 0861 numbers are also available. Not only do we have Virtual PBX South Africa for R249 we can also assist with 89 . Let us know how we can help you .

What is the Virtual PBX definition ?

Virtual Private Branch Exchange ( Virtual PBX ) is hosted by a Voice Service provider that is managed online , It comes full features of a business telephone system . Some features do vary from provider to provider , we do however offer all features of PBX.

Voicemail to email: All messages are sent to you via email , listen to your mails anywhere on your cellphone. Set this up on the Virtual PBX at no extra cost.

No contracts: We don’t do postpaid services so we don’t tie you in.All our services are prepaid with a 30 day cancellation notice period.

Professional Greetings: Welcome your clients with a professional greeting , whether you record it live on the system , get a voice artist to record one for you or get us to do an automated welcome message at no extra cost.

Dedicated Support :Have a problem? Let our support team know right away either via email, call or live chat as well as WhatsApp on 0115682555.

Interactive Voice Menu: Press one for sales , press two for sales , now you can get your own voice menu to help your clients along the way. Connect as many users as you like. Set this up on Virtual PBX at no extra cost.

No Hardware:No need to buy expensive telephone handsets , you can run your business off a cellphone , mobile app or VOIP phone. The better the data connection the better the quality.

Mobile calls: Imagine answering your landline anywhere in the world , now you can by answering on your cellphone. Don’t be stuck in an office , being in front of clients is where sales are done.

Missed Call Notifications: If you missed a call a notification will be sent to you so you can call a client back,clients will be impressed with efficient service, email or SMS sent to you immediately.

Call Recordings:Record all your incoming and outgoing calls , and never be caught out again by, what she said he said. * You do have to notify your clients are being recorded.

Call Queue: Dont miss a call by getting your client to ring multiple staff to ensure your clients call gets answered. Our system will manange your calls while your caller is on hold.

Numbers Globally: Get a global number and answer locally , ideal if you have international clients calling you on expensive international rates.

Unlimited Calls:All calls to a mobile app or VOIP phone will receive unlimited incoming calls . Calls to mobile are charged for. Call quality is data connectivity dependent.

Time Routing:All calls can be managed during specific hours. After hours calls can be directed to an emergency number or voicemail , all to your preference.

Unlimited Users:Connect as many staff as you like to your telephone system with either a mobile phone or VOIP phone.

Check out the video on how to set up the PBX yourself and see all the other features that you can get too.

To order the multi user system you can click here

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