Telkom Landline

Although Telkom is the incumbent landline provider for South Africa , there are now may Service providers that are now offering the same services at competitive rates . Traditionally Telkom would offer copper cabled landlines which were slow and prone to theft, and often leaving you stranded without communication for your business. In recent years VOIP has now replaced those traditional services and the landline industry has become cheaper and more efficient .

A Telkom landline would also have a traditional PABX or switchboard , being a physical device they were prone to lightning damage ,theft and damages. All our PBX systems are cloud based which means efficiency and cost effectiveness in your pocket .

VoIP does need particularly good internet speeds  to carry the calls , which currently can be a hurdle to cross as the coverage of South Africa in regards to internet isn’t always great , however this does get better and better .

Our VOIP packages compared to Telkom landline offerings are somewhat cheaper and we have saved clients thousands on a monthly basis just by switching to us . You can now port your number to us so you never lose the number.

Our office landline package starting from R249 per month with free minutes and all the features barring call forwarding.

The package with call forwarding options is R359 per month with free minutes and all the features.

You can easily have an office environment or a remote working environment , calls can be transferred without the client knowing they are not in the same office. You can also have an auto attendant which has press one for sales ,press two for accounts etc. We can easily create the automated welcome message for you at no extra cost.

We can also host your domains and emails , website and offer all the secure services starting from R29 per month .