Telephone systems for small business is now easier and cheaper to purchase. In the past the hurdles both bigger and small companies had to endure just to get a telephone system was expensive , financial contracts and lots of hardware. The hardware had to be insured and if it was stolen or damaged , the system would be down for days before being replaced .Once the industry went to cloud based solutions , there was no more insurances and hardware losses. The cloud solution is more convenient and cheaper to run.

What is the cloud based telephone systems for small business? A cloud PBX system is a full switchboard with all the features with no physical attributes. You can have staff members at different locations and getting up and moving to new premises is also easier and convenient. The cloud PBX also give you features like welcome messages, voicemails , call forwarding to cell phone , call recordings and so much more at a fraction of the cost of the original switchboards.

Ordering a telephone system for a small business is simply done online . The whole set up can be done remotely without anyone going to your offices . All you need is internet router , with available LAN ports to connect the Yealink VoIP Phones , you can also connect wirelessly with mobile apps on your cell phone. We will give you a number and set up the whole system as per your specification with in a few working hours.

Why get a telephone systems for small business? This platform will also allow your clients to communicate with your staff and vice versa. Even if you only have 3 staff members it is easier to allow telephonic calls through a landline service.  You can create boundaries as well with calls to be sent in office hours only and no-one is disturbed in the after hours times.

You can get all of the above From R339 per month for 5 users , all the features and 100 minutes included.

We also offer domain and hosting services with webdesign. Get in touch for us to offer you a full solution for your new business