All this talk of 0860 numbers and 0861 numbers is so confusing so let me explain it in the simplest of terms. 0860 numbers are national numbers advertised by companies to promote a nationwide presence. The costing of the 0860 numbers is shared by the caller and the owner of the number.

So the caller will pay the local cost of the call where as th0860 numberse owner of the number will then pay the difference of the local call and and a national number. Its fine for the end caller however the owner of the company may land up with a huge telephonic bill just to receive calls irrespective of the set up internally.

An 0861 number is a maxi call where the burden of the call falls on the end caller phone bill , paying national rates . The owner of the number will not pay any extra , but this may depend on how the number is set up internally . Calls to mobile phones are charged at 73c per minute . The trend is for small business to opt for the 0861 numbers instead as to stay clear of additional calls costs.

Now 0800 numbers are toll free to call for the client , however the owner of the number will be liable for all incoming calls irrespective of how the system is configured internally.

Hence our decision to offer 0861 numbers only at this time . The need for 0860 numbers and the demand have dropped off in the past few years as opposed to 0861 numbers or 087 numbers.

If you need all our details on 0861 numbers you can click through and view all our features and benefits of only getting an 0861 numbers for R249 per month or 087 numbers for R99 per month .

As a VirtualNumber product you still get the full switchboard system and all its features included in any multi user number you purchase from saving you thousands of Rands every month .

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