For a limited time only we will offer you a 087 free virtual landline , while you are a STARCOM client , whether you take a VPN or domain and hosting account. The minimum spend is R19 per month . You will have to pay for the domain and hosting upfront for a year. You can also choose a VPN and hide your IP address and surf anonymously. Most of our clients use VPN’s to get the better version of Netflix . Order it now

How to get it : Just order the service online and once paid for we will offer you an free virtual landline . You will need to RICA your number with certified ID and proof of address. The only cost to you is the airtime required as well as any hardware like a Mobile app or VOIP phone . You can also call forward calls directly to your cell number. Calls are charged at 69c per minute and you only pay for calls.

The number will be yours for as long as you are STARCOM client , however once the services are cancelled then the 087 number will also stop working.

The convenience of getting your number and personalised email addresses with your own domain is now so easy to do , this is also the cheapest offer in South Africa. The offer is a limited time only until the 087 limited free numbers is depleted.

You can easily top up airtime and all airtime does carry over indefinitely. Only once airtime is depleted you need to top up , which also means you can top up any amount . The airtime will only deplete on usage.

Three ways you can receive calls from your 087 number: Firstly you can receive calls using the mobile app on your cell , you can buy the app we recommend for a once off R114. All incoming calls are free and you can use the app to make outgoing calls.

Secondly , you can forward calls to the cell , however no app is needed and best for mobile environment. All incoming calls are paid for but it allows you to be mobile cutting out costs of an office.

Thirdly if you are office based , you can but the VOIP phone from us but you will need an internet router that the phone can be connected to.

you can view the info on but you get the number free


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